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The GMAT has been an essential part of the MBA journey of students all around the world for so many years. It is a challenging test that has not only challenging for the students but also intimidates them. A good score in GMAT increases a student’s chances of being accepted into a good B School, while a lousy GMAT score means that his dream B school is out of his reach. But recent changes have made it possible for students to pursue MBA in Canada without GMAT. Some colleges in Canada and around the world have even started exempting students from taking the GMAT if they meet certain conditions like having a certain amount of work experience. All in all, pursuing an MBA without taking the GMAT is undoubtedly possible.

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Top universities for MBA in Canada without GMAT

Many universities in Canada accept scores of tests other than the GMAT. Many universities in Canada do not see taking the GMAT as a primary requirement for admissions in their MBA programs. Apart from the GMAT, the GRE is preferred by students and universities alike. Additionally, universities in Canada consider aspects like the work experience that a candidate has, the academic performance of the candidate, etc.

Here’s a list of the top universities of Canada that offer an MBA program without requiring students to take the GMAT:

How to do an MBA in Canada without taking the GMAT?

First and foremost, a student has to look at different universities/ colleges of Canada and consider the types of MBA programs they offer. The student must decide whether to pursue a full-time MBA, part-time MBA, or an executive MBA. You must check whether you are eligible for the program you wants to pursue. After this, the student must check which tests the college or university, accepts if any. The student must provide all relevant documents while applying to the desired college and pay the application fee. The application is then processed, and an acceptance letter is sent to the student if accepted.


The process is simple, but a student must meet a few basic requirements to pursue an MBA in Canada without GMAT. We have listed them below.

  • A student must possess a Senior Secondary School Certificate, with the language of instruction being English.
  • A student must hold a bachelor’s degree in any discipline from a recognized University/ College. Some universities in Canada may only consider students with four-year bachelor’s degree.
  • A student must have the minimum number of work experience that has been specified by the University. The number of years of work experience required varies from university to university.
  • A student must provide proof of language proficiency by taking the Language Proficiency test specified by the college.
  • A student must provide relevant documents demanded by the college.

Types of MBA in Canada without GMAT

Aside from regular/full-time MBA degrees, just a few colleges in Canada offer a variety of MBA degrees that do not require the GMAT. Full-time and part-time options are available for these programmes.

Following table shows a few top MBA in Canada without GMAT:

Executive and Part-time MBA – University of Toronto
Executive MBA – HEC Montreal
Executive MBA – McGill University
Executive MBA – Concordia University
Accelerated and Executive MBA – Ivey Business School

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MBA in Canada without GMAT Eligibility

Pursuing an MBA in the top universities of Canada requires a student to work on his CV. In the absence of the GMAT, colleges/universities look for other elements in a student’s application that prove that the student is a good fit for the college.

We have mentioned the eligibility requirements of the top universities of Canada that offer an MBA program to students:

  • University of Albert: Applicant must hold a 3 or 4-year undergraduate degree with a GPA of 3.0/4.0. You must possess at least 2 years of full-time work experience, must submit proof of his professional experience, highlighting achievements, an overall score of 50th percentile in GRE or a score of 550 in GMAT. You must meet the minimum English requirements in TOEFL, IELTS, PTE, OR CAEL. Must submit two letters of reference and a letter of intent.
  • McMaster University: An applicant must possess a respectable GPA (3.0/4.0) in the final two years of his undergraduate degree. You must hold a respectable score in GRE/GMAT. You must also submit his CV, along with proof of work experience of two years, two letters of reference, and appear for an online Interview.
  • University of Toronto: Applicant must hold a bachelor’s degree with a competitive GPA, possess a respectable score in GRE, possess two years of work experience. You must submit two professional references, submit the scores of the language proficiency test, and attend a video and essay interview.
  • University of Calgary: Applicant must possess a Bachelor’s of Commerce degree with a minimum GPA of 3.3 / 4.0. You required to submit an essay, his CV, and two LOR. You must possess a respectable score in GRE and language proficiency tests.

Mba in Canada Without GMAT Requirements

Apart from meeting the specific academic requirements of the college/university, a student has to submit several documents. These documents may vary depending on the college.

A few documents that almost all colleges/universities offering MBA programs require are:

  • Academic transcripts
  • Proof of work experience
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Proof of financial stability, bank documents, visa documents
  • English language proficiency test

Fees for MBA in Canada without GMAT

The fees for doing an MBA in Canada depend on the institute the student is doing his MBA from. The total fee may include various charges and expenses. Application fees, insurance charges, charges for books and material, etc are some of the expenses. To give you an overview of the fees of the top universities of Canada, we have mentioned them below.

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  • University of Alberta: Upwards of 20,000 CAD for one year for full-time, part-time, fast track, and executive MBA program.
  • The University of Toronto: Upwards of 60,000 CAD for one year of the full-time MBA program
  • University of Windsor: Upwards of 11,000 CAD for one term for the full-time MBA program
  • McMaster University: Upwards of 80,000 CAD for the whole program

Intakes in Canada

Many colleges/universities in Canada that offer MBA programs have different intakes. The deadlines for submission of application and everything else is specified by the college so students need to keep an eye out for that. The most common intake that universities have is the Fall intake. The total number of students accepted at a time also depends on the college/university.

  • University of Alberta: One intake in the Fall for a full-time MBA. Part-time MBA has Winter and Fall terms.
  • McMaster University:Three rounds of admissions for MBA, MBA with Co.Op and accelerated MBA.
  • University of Toronto: Applications start in the Fall.

Top universities for MBA in Canada without GMAT

The list of top universities that provides MBA without GMAT is mentioned below:

  • Smith School of Business
  • Lakehead University
  • New York Institute of Technology
  • Lazaridis School of Business and Economics
  • Ivey Business School
  • Schulich School of Business
  • Thompson Rivers University of Business and Economics

Smith School of Business, Queen’s University

The Smith School of Business was formally known as Queen’s School of Business. It was established in 1919. Located in Ontario, Canada, the Smith School of Business is an elite business school that has consistently ranked high in the list of top management schools in Canada. It was ranked second on the Best Business Schools Rankings in Canada for the year 2019 – 2020. It offers many MBA programs such as the Full-time MBA, Executive MBA, and Accelerated MBA. The fee for the full-time MBA program is 102,100 CAD. To be eligible, a candidate must possess a bachelor’s degree with a respectable GPA. Candidates have to submit their CV/Resume, proof of work experience, GRE score, proof of Language Proficiency, letters of reference, essay and appear for a video interview, and a personal interview.

Lakehead University

Lakehead University is a public university located in Ontario in Canada. It has two campuses in Thunder Bay and Orillia. It offers two MBA programs, a 12-month full-time program and a 16-month program with Advanced Studies in Management. The fee for the full-time MBA program is 13,596 CAD for a term. Candidates must hold a 4 or 3-year bachelor’s degree from any recognized university with a competitive GPA, must submit proof of language proficiency, must have a respectable score in GRE/GMAT to be eligible. He must also submit a letter of intent and his CV. Candidates must have more than two years of work experience.

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New York Institute of Technology, British Columbia

The New York Institute of Technology is a premier B School with campuses in the USA, Canada, UAE, and China. It has been accredited by the elite AACSB International (The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business). It offers an MBA program and an MBA program in Finance. The fee for the full-time MBA program is upwards of 30,000 CAD. To be eligible, a student must hold a 4 or 3-year bachelor’s degree from any recognized university with a decent GPA, must submit proof of language proficiency, must submit a CV, and letters of reference.

Lazaridis School of Business and Economics, Wilfrid Laurier University

Lazaridis School of Business and Economics is an integral part of Wilfrid Laurier University which was established in 1960. It has multiple campuses across Waterloo and Toronto. It offers MBA programs of various kinds like Full-time MBA, Part-time MBA, MBA with Co. Op. The full-time MBA costs 49,000 CAD. To be eligible, a student must hold a 4 or 3-year bachelor’s degree from any recognized university with a minimum score of 73%, possess a minimum of 2 years of work experience. He must submit academic transcripts, GRE scores, and language proficiency test scores.

Ivey Business School, Toronto

The Ivey Business School is a business school of the University of Western Ontario. It was named after Mr. Richard Ivey who made a huge donation of 11 million to the school. It has a 12-month full-time MBA program and its fee is 120,500 CAD. A student must hold a bachelor’s degree and two years of full-time work experience. He must submit his GRE score, language proficiency test scores, his CV, and two professional references.

Schulich School of Business, York University

Located in Ontario, Canada, Schulich School of Business is a top business school in Canada. Its MBA program is so powerful that 88% of the students found jobs within three months of graduation. The fee of the program is 106,900 CAD for the complete program. To be eligible, a student must hold a 4-year bachelor’s degree and possess at least two years of work experience. Students must submit GRE/GMAT scores and language proficiency test scores along with an essay and two references.

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Thompson Rivers University of Business and Economics

Thompson Rivers University of Business and Economics is a public university that was established in 1970. Its MBA programs are of two types, full-time and part-time. It also has a one-year accelerated program. The fee for the full-time MBA program is upwards of 14,000 CAD for one year. To be eligible, students must hold a bachelor’s degree with a minimum GPA of 3.0 /4.33. He must submit proof of language proficiency, a CV, and a letter of intent. He may be required to take undergraduate upgrading courses if the college feels his quantitative skills are not up to the mark.


✅ Are there universities in Canada that provide for an MBA without a GMAT score?

Ans. Yes, many reputed universities provide for an MBA program, as a weekend course or a course to go along with a professional career, where requirements may range from a good CV, relevant work experience and a good academic record starting from Graduation.

✅ What are some of the courses offered in MBA from Canada?

Ans. Following are the courses offered :
1. MBA in Finance
2. MBA in Operations Management
3. MBA in Social Sector Management
4. MBA in Entrepreneurial Studies
5. MBA in Human Resources
6. MBA in Engineering Management
7. MBA in Global Mining Management
8. MBA in Real Estate and Infrastructure
9. MBA in Organizational Management

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✅ What are the fees that I’ll have to pay for an MBA in Canada?

Ans. The fees may range from around Rs 15.4 lacs to 22.6 lacs tuition fees along with expenses for the first year. Students should look for some scholarship programs after getting a GMAT waiver.

✅ Is it worth doing an MBA from a university in Canada?

Ans. Canada has an infrastructure for some of the world’s best affiliated and renowned private universities that seek applicants for their Master’s program from all around the world.
Along with this, the strong alumni network and the infrastructure required to set up organizations thus provides new masters holder with a wide spectrum of opportunities to start their career. So doing an MBA from Masters will be both a new as well as a life-changing experience.

✅ Do GMAT is required for every Masters in Canada?

Ans. Although a GMAT score is normally required for an MBA in Canada, there are a few colleges in the country that do not. MBA colleges in Canada that do not need the GMAT evaluate candidates’ academic history, job experience, ambitions, and desire to enrol in a university’s MBA programme.

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