Rutgers Premed Acceptance Rate – EDUCATIONTODAY (2023)

The secret to being accepted into medical school is to start preparing for it as soon as possible.

Selecting one of the top pre-med schools in New Jersey if you live there (or wish to attend school there) can also be beneficial.

The right information can help give you a slight advantage since getting into medical school is competitive.

You might be interested in learning more about what is available in the neighboring states before we discuss the top pre-med schools in New Jersey. For more details, see our guide: Best Pre-Med Schools in the USA.

Touted as academically rigorous, the school has roughly a 50% acceptance rate and roughly half the students receive need-based financial aid.

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For retention in the Rutgers BA/BS MD program:

  • Complete the three-year undergraduate program at TCNJ in a recognized field of study, earning at least three 5 (B+) cumulative and science GPA each semester.
  • Earn a B or higher in each of the fundamental science courses (Foundations of Biological Inquiry, General Chemistry I/II, Organic Chemistry I/II, and Physics I/II) needed by the medical school.
  • Earn no grade below a C in any course
  • Take the MCAT (with no minimum score) no later than the spring of your third year at TCNJ.
  • A student has the option to forego their spot at NJMS and instead apply to medical school during the standard application cycle if they so choose.

Rutgers 7 Year Medical Program Acceptance Rate & Admissions Statistics:

  • # of students who apply – 400
  • # of students academically eligible to interview – 200
  • # of students who receive an interview at TCNJ – 100.
  • # of students who receive an interview at NJMS – 80.
  • # of students who are accepted into the Seven-Year Program – 40.
  • # of students who enter program Fall semester – 20
  • Recent average SAT of accepted students – 1534
  • Recent average GPA of accepted students (weighted) – 4.72

More information about the Rutgers Accelerate Medical Program admissions statistics, visit the FAQ’s page

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The Insider’s View on the Rutgers BS MD Curriculum

Do your research into the undergraduate curriculum, medical school curriculum, student life, and extracurricular opportunities in order to get accepted to the Rutgers BS MD program. You can determine for yourself why you are a good fit for this medical school by reading our in-depth overview of these various elements. You can also use this blog post as a starting point to learn about additional opportunities.

Medical School Curriculum:

Although there are many different majors to choose from, the most popular major, biology, has the following sample curriculum:


  • BIO 201 Foundations of Biological Inquiry (4 cr)
  • CHE 201 General Chemistry I (4 cr)
  • MAT 207 Calculus A (4 cr)
  • BIO 99 Orientation to Biology (0 cr)
  • First Seminar Program (4 cr)


  • BIO 211 Biology of the Eukaryotic Cell Biology (4 cr)
  • CHE 202 General Chemistry II (4 cr)
  • MAT 128/MAT 200/STAT 215/Liberal Learning (4 cr)
  • Liberal Learning (4 cr)


  • Ecology and field biology, or genetics, in BIO 231/BIO 221 (4 cr)
  • CHE 331 Organic Chemistry I (4 cr)
  • MAT 128/MAT 200/STAT 215/Liberal Learning (4 cr)
  • Liberal Learning or Elective (4 cr)


  • CHE 332 Organic Chemistry II (4 cr)
  • T BIO 231/BIO 221 Genetics or Ecology and Field Biology (4 cr)
  • Liberal Learning or Elective (4 cr)
  • Liberal Learning or Elective (4 cr)


  • Upper Biology Option Course (4 cr)
  • PHY 201 General Physics I (4 cr)
  • Liberal Learning or Elective (4 cr)
  • Liberal Learning or Elective (4 cr)


  • Upper Biology Option Course (4 cr)
  • PHY 202 General Physics II (4 cr)
  • Biology Senior Seminar Course (4 cr)
  • Liberal Learning or Elective (4 cr)

Fourth Year, NJMS I (first year of medical school followed by bachelor’s degree)

  • First-year medical subjects
  • Pre-clinical sciences

Fifth Year, NJMS II

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  • Second-year medical subjects/STEP 1

Sixth Year, NJMS III

  • Third-year medical subjects
  • Core Clerkships

Seventh Year, NJMS IV

  • Fourth-year medical subjects
  • Programmed electives

To learn more, read details about the Rutgers NJMS curriculum here.


Dr. Dennis Shevlin serves on the Medical Careers Advisory committee in addition to serving as the program advisor for the Rutgers BS MD program. He fosters a collaborative environment with students in the same year as well as students from different years to help students adjust. He is a resource for all students. A student who wants to major in a subject not offered by the School of Science will also have a major advisor. The program’s upperclassmen are a great resource and are available to answer questions about academics, extracurriculars, and the social scene.

What students are saying about The College of New Jersey – RutgersThe faculty at TCNJ are very engaged with students. It is easy to find research projects. I found my passion in nutrition science! I like how Rutgers is open to you applying to other medical schools. My classmates have received acceptances at other top medical schools around the country, including Duke School of Medicine.

Describe how you’ll take advantage of opportunities at the Rutgers-TCNJ during your undergraduate and medical school years in order to get accepted to the University of Rutgers BS MD Program. Additionally, talk about how you’ll give back to the neighborhood and what extracurricular activities you plan to participate in.

TCNJ Undergraduate Student Life:

  • A mid-sized residential college, TCNJ is situated in central suburban New Jersey. It has 7000 undergraduate students enrolled, with classes averaging 21 students. Professors are concentrated on undergraduate education due to the limited number of graduate programs. %20The%20student-faculty%20ratio%20is%2013:1%20and%20has%20a%20graduation%20rate%20of%2087%%20
  • On a picturesque 289-acre campus, it is a close-knit community with a diverse student body. Numerous extracurricular organizations exist, including Greek life, varsity, club, and intramural sports as well as everything from dance to Harry Potter.
  • The school does a great job of fostering unity among its student body, and the professors are respected in their fields. The majority of freshmen and sophomores live on campus.
  • I participated in club soccer, debate, and Greek Life. At TCNJ, I made some of my closest friends and felt encouraged and in control the entire time.
  • The school is also 1 hour and 45 minutes from Philadelphia. 5 hours from NYC!.

Medical School Student Life:

  • NJMS is renowned for having a diverse student body and patient population, having the support of a nationally renowned research institution in Rutgers University, and having a new curriculum that began in 2019. This curriculum is focused on early clinical exposures/skills training, organ systems-based pre-clinical teaching, service learning, and the development of professional identities with a team focus.
  • There is plenty of time to explore a variety of fields to find one that fits with one’s goals with 18 months of pre-clinical time.
  • Since 180 Market St. is right next to the medical school and University Hospital during the pre-clinical years, it fosters class unity and provides opportunities to explore a variety of fields from day one.
  • To address the growing shortage of internists and pediatricians, a new 3-year accelerated curriculum is available for students who know they want to be primary care physicians (details).

At TCNJ, students are eligible for all merit and need-based scholarships as the regular applicant pool. Based on TCNJ’s website, there is the TCNJ Scholarship Award available, “One mark of a truly outstanding college is the recognition of exceptional academic achievement. The College of New Jersey rewards in-state and out-of-state high school graduates who have achieved distinction in their academics. Awards range from $2,000 to $10,000 per year.” Learn more on its financial aid website here.

At NJMS, students pay the regular rate and are eligible for financial aid consideration in accordance with the medical school’s standard policies.

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THE BEST PRE-MED MAJOR: Majors with the highest acceptance rates to Medical School


Is Rutgers a good school for pre-med?

Rutgers New Jersey Medical School in Newark is ranked No. 1 in the country for 2023 74 (tie) in Best Medical Schools: Research and No. 94-124 in Best Medical Schools: Primary Care.

Is Rutgers medical school hard to get into?

The Rutgers New Jersey Medical School acceptance rate is 6. 6%%20and%20has%20been%20as%20high%20as%208%%20in%20recent%20years

Does Rutgers New Brunswick have a pre-med program?

After completing their undergraduate studies at Rutgers-New Brunswick as Honors College Scholars and meeting the required pre-medical requirements, students accepted into the program reserve a seat in RWJMS. The program is NOT designed as an accelerated program.

How do I get into Rutgers pre-med?

To be eligible for an interview, applicants must fulfill all science entrance requirements for medical, optometry, and dental schools, including taking the MCAT, OAT, or DAT. Examining the professional schools’ websites is encouraged for applicants.

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